The sun is shining ! The summer is at our doors. The holiday season, the one where we forget about work, school, where we hope the sea will be hot (note from us : it is never enough !) and that the beaches will be for us only (they never are either !). Also, who says holiday said meetings between friends, " said conviviality... and said, plancha. The return of the beautiful days announces the fruit and vegetables of the season ! Surely you see already where one wants to come : the plancha is what will allow you to reconcile all of this. Let's talk about fruit !

June arrives with its share of surprises : apricot, cherry, strawberry, red currant, grapefruit, apple, peach, blackcurrant, lemon, raspberry, honeydew melon, watermelon, plum and rhubarb. Yes, they are many, and bring as many flavors and combinations ! So much, that it would be easy to not know where to give head. A little earlier on the blog, Chef Jesus offered you his version of the apricot a la plancha. For fans of cherry, we also have what you need (click, it will take you there !)... What you must understand about these recipes tart is that the plancha famous fruit ! Sometimes it just takes a little bit of olive oil, of syrup of maple trees and a few herbs to enhance it. Most of the time, just on the grill gives them a taste for excellence. It would be obvious, however, that you might be tempted to associate them... and you'll be right ! Strawberries and apricots are a delicious tandem, for example, caramelized, or not with honey and a zest of lemon. Revenue express to enjoy alone or with friends, there are an infinite number ! The only limit is your imagination, since it is hard to go wrong when one combines it with the grilled fruits of the season. Between swims you just need to take care not to forget them on the fire ! This is to retain the crunchiness of the fruit. You can also make pies in realizing the traditional way, in the oven, the dough and from there you can stay fruit (it was our preference for apples and strawberries !) caramelized on the plancha.

Let's talk about cooking ! You will have understood, the fruits are perfect for cooking a la Plancha. Slightly caramelized or stewed depending on the cooking time, there is no better way to do it. It all depends on your tastes. After you have ensured that the griddle has reached the proper temperature a general rule, 7 to 15 minutes is sufficient. The time to sit down, lick the taste buds... and enjoy !

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