The plancha is a kitchen appliance, heated by a gas or electric device, consisting of a metal plate made of cast iron and the surface of which is generally covered with a film of hard chromium.

The plancha allows you to cook, brown or grill many foods with a low amount of fat. Its structure is, of course, stainless for perfect food safety.

The prepared meals are placed on the cooking plate to be sublimated in contact with the heat. They retain their flavors.

Very easy and simple to use, a quality griddle worthy of the name offers a temperature range of 50 to 300°C (see our selection) to brown the finest foods.

The ideal temperature for a plancha hot plate is 270°C. At this temperature, each droplet of water turns into vapor, thus creatinghe'Leidenfrost effect,


Before choosing your plancha, start by thinking about the location where you want to install it. Make sure that this place is well ventilated (exhaust hood if inside) and inaccessible to children.

The models sold with lids have the advantage of being able to keep the dishes warm after cooking but also of protecting the hob in the off position or, in the raised position, of protecting the back of the plancha space from splashes.

Note that planchas on trolleys have the advantage of being able to be moved easily towards your living space and therefore near your guests without harmful effects such as the barbecue.

There are also, in household appliances, for lovers of grilling, free-standing planchas, good value for money, which are heated on a 230V domestic sector or on a gas cooker. Other cooking plates called, by deformation, plancha are arranged on wood or gas barbecues like WEBER.


- The gas plancha :

Depending on the width and thickness of the hob, there are 1, 2, 3 or 4 burner gas ramps under it (power equivalent: 4, 8, 12 to 14 kW)

This type of energy allows rapid warming up. (50 to 300°C in less than 10 minutes for the good brand planchas selected on our site). The "top of the range" planchas have a balanced weight/power ratio, allowing gas savings for efficient power whatever the quantity of food to be grilled. For a griddle on a trolley, the most suitable gas cylinder is defined as follows:

  • 5 kg mini-bottle for a 40 cm wide plancha with 1 burner.
  • Compact 10 kg gas bottle for a 60 cm wide plancha with 2 burners
  • Standard 13kg gas bottle for an 80cm wide plancha with 3 burners

However, a "high-end" and comfortable trolley will have space that can accommodate the bottle of your choice. If you use your plancha outside on a terrace or under a pergola, then there is no doubt that a gas plancha is what you need.

- The electric plancha:

Always ready to serve, the electric plancha is more suitable for professional use and the precision of temperature adjustment is its main asset. The different ranges of electric planchas that we offer here have a power of 4 to 8 kW for the consumer market and 4 to 37 kW for the catering and hotel sector.

An electric plancha like the NCE-60 from Mainho or theELEKTRA 60 from Eno is the ideal solution for the user looking for a maintenance-free product and who knows how to be forgotten during shutdowns. Inside, as on the terrace, in the garden near the poolhouse, it has the advantage of offering greater mobility and total control of the temperature, even if it takes quite a long time to get going and to heat especially if your electrical installation is limited.

Range ECOLINE from Mainho, perfectly suited to professional Foodtruckers, presents ultra-compact, energy-efficient equipment that can be fully integrated into mobile kitchen modules.

- The plancha over a wood fire:

The French like to cook outside, from the first rays of the sun and especially in summer. The "Go-Anywhere" for "fun cooking", for camping, hiking, outings with friends are more and more trendy. These cooking methods with “so British” accents are taking up more and more space on the shelves of major DIY, decoration and garden centers.

We present here a range of all-terrain planchas, robust and excellent value for money, such as the PLATNCHARONDA from Garcima

Following the success of the film Barbecue, director Éric Lavaine has already screened his next feature film “Plancha…” !


- Plancha with hard chrome:

The ultimate in plancha, this metal gives cast iron an incomparable quality of use. It is insensitive to temperature shocks, bad weather and remains, over the years, always shiny and non-adhesive under well-browned grills.

Hard chrome plates, 12 to 20 mm thick, have the ability to store heat. This thermal inertia avoids drops in temperature when loading food that can be frozen.

We almost touch perfection with a plate that does not oxidize, which offers great ease of maintenance and which cooks admirably. Quality at a price and the only downside for this plate is its price! choosing a "hard chrome" is to ensure the guarantee of an exceptional material even for the most demanding. Our range of Mainho planchas "Griddle NC Mainho Hard Chrome"present on the site carrement-plancha.com attracts more and more professionals but also informed users.

- Cast iron griddle:

Cast iron griddles are the most common, especially in the fast food industry. There is of course a great diversity of choices on this product range. From mediocre to very suitable for sustained professional use. Harder than steel, its advantage lies in its ability to withstand temperature shocks and to remain highly conductive to heat. The radiance of the cast iron plate is greater than the hard chrome one. For certain dishes to be cooked a la plancha such as a chicken en crapautine, this one is preferable.

- Plancha in blued steel:

With a 6 mm thick cooking plate ready to grill all summer cooking recipes, simple, fun and friendly, the blued steel plancha has a fairly good price/quality ratio. Both resistant and light, this plancha installed on its garden trolley makes the success of plancha parties. However, take precautions after all uses because it oxidizes quickly if it is not cleaned.

- Enamelled steel plancha:

Excellent product, this cast iron griddle is covered with a more or less thick enamel film. Its maintenance is very easy if you take the trouble to follow the instructions carefully. Its cooking plan cannot be used as a separate cutting plan if you tilt the blade of the knife (under the term: escaloper).

Whatever the type of metal used, your choice will be on a brand plancha.


Plancha with hard chrome:

Hot: mechanical cleaning - Mainho special hard chrome squeegee

At 70°C: cleaning with Mainho special hard chrome degreaser - diluted to 5% - on stubborn stains, clean by pouring a few drops.

Cast iron griddle:

To properly maintain your cast iron plancha, you just have to cool the plate then pour hot soapy water (after use). Never use degreasing or acidic products as this could damage the hob by making it susceptible to oxidation.

Laminated carbon steel plancha:

When the cooking of each food is finished and using a spatula, scrape the remaining grease from the plate towards the grease collection tray. For a deeper cleaning, pour water while keeping your plate hot, then turn off the gas and use white vinegar when you realize that the plate has become lukewarm.

Plancha in enamelled steel:

Same process as for the laminated carbon steel griddle. On the other hand, for cleaning cold plates, be sure to turn off your gas then clean them with a special oven product before leaving to act for about 15 minutes.

In the end, always think about scraping, rinsing and wiping !

Comparative table characteristics of MAINHO griddles, fry-tops and teppanyaki.

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