Ripple Drink Maker II

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Ripple Drink Maker II

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Discover the innovative Ripples® universe: the versatile Ripple II® machine, 100% natural products and marketing accessories specially designed for Ripples® printers. Offer an incomparable and unforgettable customer experience!

Easy to use with its dedicated Fast app, it prints in 10 seconds! ISO, ETL and FC C compliant Fully customizable designs Regularly updated image bank Automatically prints on cups of varying heights (45-225mm) and sizes (70-105mm), from espresso to cocktails . Pod cartridges available: Coffee, malt, carrot and Glow (neon lemon).


Ripples modules produce up to 300 to 1,600 prints. Quantities vary depending on several factors, including module type, design type (high opacity images like selfies and large images use more ink than simple line art), and storage conditions such as temperature and humidity.

  • Box of patented pods based on natural ingredients
  • Optimized to print on a variety of foams
  • Meets strict global safety regulations

Delivered Ready to serve with 1 Box

Endless ideas and creative freedom

Enjoy access to Ripples' vast content library with thousands of royalty-free designs. Manage your designs and save your favorites in a dedicated collection. Create your own designs and logos. Search content by #tags. Upload and download content directly to and from Ripple Maker or the cloud.

Create engagement

Around a hundred cafes, hotels and restaurants are already using it to promote: A means of visual marketing for promotions, events and products Dynamic content for real-time customer engagement An extension of social networks where the digital world meets the real world

A healthy and colorful approach to branding.

Patented cartridges made from natural ingredients with natural preservatives and no artificial colors. Extracts available: Coffee, malt, carrot and glow (neon lemon). Fully owned certified production facility. Optimized to print on a variety of foams. Meets strict global safety regulations. Gluten free and GMO free. 100% vegan.

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