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An essential partner of show cooking professionals, in collaboration with our manufacturers, we work with care and passion on the development of a daring and inventive policy (hard chrome planchas, high-end trolleys and trolleys, innovative utensils and furniture) and to the specific arrangement of outdoor kitchens.

Carrément Innovant - Carrément Pro - Carrément Design - Carrément

Referenced by Google Panda, ArchiExpo,, Le Meilleur du Chef, Outdoor Kitchen, Carrement-Plancha advises you on the choice of its brands: MAINHO, JAKSCH, ENO, GARCIMA, DEGLON, WARMWATCHER ...

By browsing the Carrément Plancha pages on your tablet, reclaiming your outdoor space, patio, deck, terrace or garden is all the more appreciated on your sofa; the interior extends to the exterior, nature invites itself into the living room, the fireplace turns into a real convivial sphere.

Our wide choice of top-of-the-range equipment, our competitive prices adapted to the circumstances make this new site specializing in Outdoor Kitchen Design, a pleasant space to browse and discover. From the start to the end of a meal, Carrément Plancha accompanies you through your passions. During your receptions in the summer, your guests will appreciate your tasty and light cuisine.

Symbol of conviviality and creativity,

Carrément Plancha adapts to your needs.

Carrément Plancha makes your dreams come true.

With a growth of over 30% per year, the A LA PLA NC HA store clearly positions itself as the online commerce site most used by Internet users looking for quality products.

In partnership with Agricultural credit, Paypal, for your online transactions 3-D Secure, the Carré site is completely secure. We also accept payment by check in three installments free of charge for any purchase over € 500. offers you instant credits.

By subscribing to our newsletter, you will receive a preview every week of the news that we find throughout the year. You will also be informed of the good deals that we offer in each of the ranges.

The A LA PLA NC HA store has more than 30,000 visits per month (figures, 2018 average), 150,018 page views per month (May 2018), more than 1,000 visitors / day (May 2018 average)
And don't forget that everyone's satisfaction is our best advertisement today.

Call 0820 692 052 now from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. - working days. Delivery to France and to more than 30 countries.


Our Philosophy:

Carrément-Plancha.Com is first and foremost a favorite site where everyone can find their happiness, their ideas, the ideal product to freely arrange their living space where balance, simplicity and comfort harmonize with well-being.

The best recipes are those that we share, and friends are by far the first ingredients for successful cooking on the plancha.

More than 20 years ago, the complicity of a group of plancha aficionados was to give birth to the 1st association of plancha cuisine. Lovers of this cuisine with accents of the South West, Xavier Gambade and his friends cut, chisel, marinate and fricassent then ... A la plancha !! from the first fine days.

A few years later, following the enthusiasm of everyone and of the new followers, Xavier Gambade opened the first boutique for lovers of good taste, offering a wide range of authentic products stamped with Basque know-how.

Emphasizing an ever more functional design, Today offers the European market its new range, its latest clever and original finds. Ergonomic, solid, easy to clean, and of a very high level in terms of cooking performance, their many advantages make your kitchen even more enjoyable. The essential tools for your show-cooking.
Reflection of a new authentic and contemporary way of life filled with emotions and desire for renewal, Carrément Plancha seems to find here, the right arguments for knowing how to live well between conviviality and fun-cooking.

In Vino Veritas, in Plancha Sanitas. Success will recognize in your satisfaction the value of your choices.
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