You talked about it in our article on the fruit, the summer is imminent ! You spoke to forget about work, school, and worries... and let them play sea, beach and fruit with the conductor a la plancha ! For the summer, we often speak of to keep the line. Then we see bloom in it-and there are articles proposing plans " to be ready for the beach ", and suddenly one is reminded of the existence of vegetables... We give you here a tip : reconcile-line, flavors and user-friendliness, around the plancha, it is possible. The most gourmands and foodies should try : the beautiful days don't lead to the fruit... these are the vegetables !

The summer vegetables are many, very many. Prepare yourself, the list is long : garlic, artichoke, asparagus, aubergine, beet, chard, broccoli, carrots, cucumber, zucchini, celery, fennel, green bean, lettuce, turnip, onion, pea, peppers, potato futures, radish, tomato and spinach. All this beautiful world comes out of the ground in June ! As for the fruit, the number of which equals the infinite number of flavors that they offer. Easy to get lost once again... On the blog, Chef Jesus offers you his fried. The best friend of the vegetable is the marinade ! Please do not hesitate to from a base of olive oil and add lemon juice, salt, pepper and garlic... and then you shoot your vegetables, and your marinade with cellophane and leave to marinate. The taste will be waiting for you ! For a sweet touch, honey, and soy sauce are also valuable allies. However, it should be for the cook to consider the modes of cooking :

- - The precooking. If the plancha preserves the best nutrients and vitamins, rapidly grabbing the food, some vegetables, however, will need to be cut up and cooked in boiling water before being passed on to the griddle to ensure a softness like no other !

- - - Cooking raw. For other vegetables, there is no need of such precautions ! Such what on the plancha, raw, they will be able to satisfy you. Adjust only the cooking time !

Heat up the grill !

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