The market of liquefied petroleum gas in French is organized around its two main products :

  • the gases Butane and gas Propane. Note: the LPG gas is a mixture consisting of 50% propane and 50% butane.

Its use is possible outside, in a period outside gel and the inside following a few rules of use. It can be installed inside as well as outside. It is available in almost all service stations.

The blue bottle of Butagaz is the most used.
The use of Butane is not possible below 0°C, while Propane is usable up to -42°C.
During intensive use, frost may be deposited on and within a regulator running on Butane.
- Lower calorific value (PCI) of 12,66 kWh / kg
A clean energy and non-polluting
Requires little space (stored as liquid and used gas : 1 m3 of liquid propane represents 270 m3 of propane gas)
Do not freeze. The limit of the usage temperature is -42°C. Propane cylinders must be stored and connected mandatory to the outside in a shelter or a safe ventilated area.
A loss of limited energy, which generates savings.
The flame of the burner is adjusted to the finger and the eye.
The combustion of the gas is perfectly odourless.
PCI 12.78 kWh / kg

Switch from Butane to Propane:

This is normally not a problem, regardless of the type of bottle, it is however necessary to systematically change the regulator. It is possible that, with time, the burners have a tendency to blacken or to whiten. This comes from poor combustion of the butane and a release of carbon not burned, so the wrong setting for the Butane. Just switch to Propane for this to disappear.

Gas cylinders, domestic

Standard 13 kg - full Bottle : approximately 13 kg of gas - Weight 24 to 27kg - Dimensions : (H x Ø) Butane 54.5 x29 cm - Propane 57.5 x 29 cm

Butane Blue

Propane-Blue / gray

Propane Green

Butane Grey
Butane blue, navy blue
Propane light green

Butane red

Propane gold

Compact 10 kg Bottle Butane Full : about 10 kg gas - Weight 15 to 17kg - Dimensions :

Valve triple safety
Level of gas visible
Ergonomic handle
Empty weight: 6.5 kg
Bottle in composite material

(HxØ) 31x48,4 cm
Empty weight: 6.3 kg
Witness visual and audible indication
lack of gas
Stainless-steel bottle

(HxØ) 31x48,4 cm
Empty weight: 6.3 kg
Witness visual and audible indication
lack of gas
Stainless-steel bottle

Empty weight: 6.7 kg
Adapter standard
Bottle in composite material

Mini 5-kg - Bottle Full : about 5 kg of gas - Weight 10 to 13kg - Dimensions :

Competitors : Carrefour, Intermarché, Leclerc ...

Connection :
Connections special for the power supply of devices to carry (plancha, barbecue, stove, open-air).
  • A soft flexible type Butyl has at each end a screw-in fitting.
  • The pipes are connected using teats and clamps are not recommended for the use of Propane gas
  • The flexible stainless steel are recommended for use of Propane gas and Butane.
  • The flexible gas (Lyre or other) must be accessible along their entire length.
  • The rigid pipes are mandatory in all the fixed parts of the installation.

Accessories :
  • A regulator specific to each mini-bottle, is "clipped" on the top port. The flexible gas line is screwed over. It should be noted that this system is prohibited in the camper, because the law imposes a regulator fixed connected to the cylinder by the intermediary of a lyre.
  • All of the accessories for the assembling and installation of gas equipment can be found on the website :

The LPG Gas :

It is made up of a mixture average of 55% of butane and 45% of propane. Stored in tanks under the chassis of automotive vehicles, it is primarily intended for use with heating, and allows more autonomy. The filling of the bottles is carried out in service stations distributing LPG.

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