Volano B265 BERKEL B42-B265 BERKEL® Slicer Manual Slicers BERKEL
Volano B265 BERKEL B42-B265 BERKEL® Slicer Manual Slicers BERKEL
Volano B265 BERKEL B42-B265 BERKEL® Slicer Manual Slicers BERKEL
Volano B265 BERKEL B42-B265 BERKEL® Slicer Manual Slicers BERKEL
Volano B265 BERKEL B42-B265 BERKEL® Slicer Manual Slicers BERKEL
Volano B265 BERKEL B42-B265 BERKEL® Slicer Manual Slicers BERKEL

Volano B265 slicer BERKEL

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Manual ham slicer Volano B265 BERKEL

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Manual ham slicer Volano B265 BERKEL

For those looking for finesse, the manual ham slicer with flywheel exalts your kitchen with its elegance. The perfect cut celebrates flavors in a jewel of contained dimensions.

VOLANO B2, a flywheel slicer for home use

A precious and elegant piece of furniture, the pride of lovers of refined taste, the Volano B265 flywheel slicer is a manual machine that respects tradition.

Thanks to the slow speed of its concave blade, it perfectly reproduces the movement of the knife in the hand.

The manual adjustment of the cutting thickness to tenths of a millimeter (chiffonnades) as well as the automatic advance of the carriage towards the blade will delight lovers of quality products. The reversible blade sharpener is built into the machine.

The locking and unlocking system of the double column fixing claw allows the product to be held perfectly on the trolley.

Ideal for professional but not intensive use, the 265 mm diameter blade, made of 100cr6 steel, cuts all your cured meats with precision.

Available in 3 colors: red, black and ivory, or in a wide range of custom colors. Among the accessories, the base and the flower steering wheel to enhance its precious character.

Made of noble metals such as cast iron and aluminum, the B265 Berkel manual slicer with red, ivory or black enamel finish is designed to last.

It is quick and easy to clean because it can be completely dismantled.

1 Mounting foot (optional)

The blade

The VOLANO B2 slicer features a 100cr6 steel blade with a diameter of 265mm and a circular cutting capacity of 15cm. The maximum thickness of the variable slice from 0 to 2 mm. The concave shape of the blade allows each slice to be peeled off only at the cutting point without altering them.

Built-in sharpener

VOLANO B2 slicers all have a built-in sharpener that allows correct sharpening of the blade. Positioning is done manually, simply by lifting and turning the sharpener. A single position is provided always guaranteeing the perfect inclination for optimal sharpening.

Blade guard

The volano B2 is equipped with a protection device that covers the blade, to guarantee the maximum safety criteria, both during use and during cleaning of the machine.

Collection drawer

The machine has a small drawer to collect waste produced during cutting. This is an added precaution that allows the user to maintain proper cleaning and hygiene of the machine.

Technical characteristics :

  • Blade diameter: 265 mm
  • Concave chrome steel blade
  • Blade protection system
  • Circular cutting capacity 160 mm
  • Rectangular cutting capacity 190 x 150 (H) mm
  • Slice thickness: 0-2 mm
  • Total dimensions (mm): 760 x 600 x 580
  • Net weight: 33 kg

Parts warranty
1 year(*)

Berkel means excellence for all professionals in the catering sector. Designed to guarantee the highest reliability and precision, this manufacturer of manual flywheel slicers use innovative solutions and state-of-the-art technology. Details are tailored to achieve the highest level of safety and minimize waste. Berkel's excellence depends above all on the supervision of its customers.

The myth was born in 1898 from the talent of Wilhelmus Andrianus Van Berkel who, by combining passion and experience, mechanically reproduced the movement of the hand slicing with the knife. A brilliant intuition and the invention of the ham slicer quickly spread around the world. Already in the 1950s, Berkel was no longer just an innovative producer of ham slicers: the brand became a true sign of social success.

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